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Below is a list of projects completed at Morrison Water and Spatial. For details of individual projects, please contact us.

Flood Studies:

  • Woodburn Rd Berala Flood Impact Assessment (Private Developer)
  • Rickards Rd Londonderry Flood Impact Assessment (Private Developer)
  • Oxley Break Regulator Flood Impact Assessment (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)
  • Breakaway Rehabilitation Flood Impact Assessment¬†(NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)
  • Smith St Parramatta Flood Impact Assessment (Private Developer)
  • Kerrs Road Lidcombe Flood Impact Assessment (Private Developer)
  • Gwydir Constraints Management Strategy Modelling; support service (Private Consultant Sub-Contract)

Contractor Projects:

  • Murrumbidgee Source Modelling (DPI Water)
  • Macquarie Floodplain Management Plan (NSW Office of Environment and Heritage)
  • The Hills Shire¬†Council Stormwater Detention Basin Inspections (The Hills Shire Council)

Water Quality Projects:

  • Tudar Rd Wetland Plan of Management (Private Consultant Sub-Contract)
  • Sydney Olympic Park WSUD Inventory and Audit (Waratah Eco Works)

Spatial Analysis Projects:

  • Lismore Health Precinct Mapping Services (Private Consultant Sub-Contract)
  • Healthy Floodplains Remote Sensing (DPI Water)
  • Flood Damages Assessment for Oakey Floodplain Risk Management Plan (Private Consultant Sub-Contract)

Technical Review Projects

  • Review of Historical Flood Surfaces (Insurance Industry)
  • Technical Review of Rural Flood Work Application Flood Studies (WaterNSW)